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The relationship between Moscow and Washington has undergone a marked decline over the past two and a half decades, such that many English-language analysts today readily proclaim that a “new cold war” is afoot. To date, however, only a select few of these same commentators have seriously attempted to understand this diplomatic downturn from the Russian perspective. This situation is made all the direr by the concurrent decline in funding for Russian studies at US universities in the years since the collapse of the Soviet Union. All of which has given to rise to a situation in which, as  Andrew Kuchins puts in his December 2016 report Elvaluation and Calibration: A New Russia Policy for America, “Russians know more about us than we know about them.”

The Hall of Mirrors was created to serve as a resource for English speakers interested in understanding the various ways in which Russians both inside and out of government perceive the United States. To this end, the central mission of this blog is to supply translations and analysis of contemporary Russian-language materials on the subject of US-Russian relations. In doing so the moderator of this blog hopes to help add, however meagerly, to the general conversation on said subject. Guest translations and analysis are highly encouraged, and may be submitted to zerkzal@gmail.com for review.

Note: The views expressed on the Hall of Mirrors – whether contained in translated primary-source materials or in analyses thereof – necessarily belong to their original authors.

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